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Account Statements and Online Documents

Get all the info on your accounts: transactions made in your accounts, related fees, loans, guaranteed investments and tax information slips.


Eligible accounts Caisse populaire accounts, guaranteed investments and tax information slips.
Cost Service charge applies according to type of statement.
Format Identical to paper statements. Also available in PDF format.
Impact on the environment Helps protect the environment by reducing paper consumption.
Saving, printing and downloading Statements and documents can be saved on your hard drive and printed. They can also be downloaded in several formats and imported into a word processor, spreadsheet or database. Statement templates to help download your statements and documents.


Online account statements

  • Available as of the first day of the month
  • Can be viewed on AccèsD, by clicking on the Statements and documents icon and selecting Accounts under Monthly statements.
  • Retrievable for 7 years
    • If you were already registered for online statements in May 2013, your statements are saved for 7 years from that date on.
    • After May 2013, statements are saved the month following your registration for online account statements.
  • Also available in paper format and mailed on request

Register for online account statements

Enjoy many benefits

  • Get your documents faster in a secure environment.
  • View them easily at your convenience.
  • Save them on your computer.
  • Manage your documents easily.
  • Print them.
  • Contribute to the protection of the environment.

When you register for online account statements, you’ll also receive all documents pertaining to your market-linked guaranteed investments and term savings via AccèsD Internet.

Online documents for guaranteed investments and term savings

If you’re registered for online account statements, any new document pertaining to your market-linked guaranteed investments or terms savings, issued as of April 26, 2015, will be available only on AccèsD.

Tax information slips

You can now get your tax information slips on AccèsD for:

  • your Market-Linked Guaranteed Investments
  • your term savings investments
  • any other savings product for which a tax information slip is issued

Benefits of getting your tax information slips online:

  • They can be accessed as soon as they are issued.
  • They are available at all times.
  • They are archived for 7 years.
  • They can be used with revenue agencies.
  • It’s an easy and secure way to manage them: you can download them, print them out and save them on your computer.

To learn more about Account Statements and Online Documents, please see our FAQ.

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