Who we are

Our Vision for The Future

Our Mission

Within the development of our communities, we contribute to the success of our members through our cooperative values, the quality of our offer and the excellence of our services.

We are Human. Available. Connected.

Our Vision

With a dedicated team and modern digital solutions, Caisse Alliance is the preferred financial partner of its members and the key economic driver in its communities.

Our 8 Values

Expertise, Performance and Quality of Our Products and Services

We combine our expertise and resources to benefit all of our members. We offer flexible and high-quality products, services and solutions. We strive to improve our tools and processes to make them more efficient, particularly when it comes to digital technology, in order to meet the needs and expectations of our members.

Respecting and Understanding the Needs of Our Members

We are available and responsive to the evolving needs of our current and future members. We work to earn and maintain the trust of our members in order to help them achieve their goals. We give a voice to all and ensure democracy for our members.

Integrity, Honesty and Transparency

We make decisions in the best interest of our members and communities, first and foremost. We are committed to good business and management practices and guarantee accurate, thorough and timely information.

Listening and Cooperating With Our Communities

We care deeply about the development of our communities, which is why we are actively and sustainably involved with them every day in order to bring our cooperative difference to life. As a socio-economic player, sustainable development and the implementation of related practices are at the centre of our priorities.


We are committed individually and collectively. We believe that everyone’s commitment is the cornerstone of our relationships with our members.

Collaboration and Open-mindedness

We make it easy and enjoyable to work with us. We work closely with our partners, all the while ensuring our autonomy and independent thought.

Honoring Our Heritage

We are a financial institution with Franco-Ontarian roots. We are building for the future by capitalizing on who we are, how far we’ve come and the successes we’ve experienced.

Teamwork and Employee Appreciation

We strongly believe in the value of our employees as they are the core of our success and at the centre of our relationships with our members. Teamwork is the foundation of our strategies, which is why we continually invest in the development and accountability of our employees.


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