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Young Intern Adminsitrator program

Vote for the youth-oriented projects sponsored by your Caisse.

An exceptional opportunity to take part in the life of your Caisse!

Are you looking for a great experience as an administrator of your Caisse? It’s possible!

The Young Intern Administrator program gives you the chance to complete a practical one-year internship on a Caisse Board of Directors. You work with elected administrators and learn about the various aspects of their role by:

  • participating in meetings and discussions;
  • sitting on various working committees and task forces;
  • proposing new ways to improve services to younger members;
  • having a hand in the development of the Caisse and the community;
  • honing your strategic skills and knowledge through a focused training program.

A unique experience

The Young Intern Administrator program gives you a chance to experience something new and build a network of personal and professional contacts in a cooperative financial group in Canada.

Become a member of the Caisse’s Board of Directors

Board of Directors intern administrators participate in discussions leading to the Caisse’s decisions, the Caisse’s orientations, and the supervision of the Caisse’s activities on behalf of the general membership.

All the while, they ensure that the Caisse’s mission, values and cooperative nature are upheld. They also oversee the Caisse’s strategic performance and risk management, and its member and community relations.

See a detailed description of the role of an administrator.