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Who we are

Our History


Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Pierre Dorval
President: Mr. Grégoire Lefebvre


In December 1951, “La caisse régionale de Nipissing-Sudbury” first saw the light of day. In 1972, it was affiliated with la Fédération des caisses populaires de l’Ontario but this affiliation ended in 1979. It was at that time that the caisses of the Northern and Nipissing regions chose to assume their independence and form their own association which was named “La Régionale des caisses populaires de l’Ontario”. The ten founding members were the Caisse of Alban, Bonfield, Field, Mattawa, Noëlville, North Bay, St.Charles Borromée, Sturgeon Falls, Verner and LaSalle de Sudbury. The following year, La Régionale changed its name to L’Alliance des caisses populaires de l’Ontario limitée.

L’Alliance grows and renews itself

The year 1984 was an important time in the history of L’Alliance, it was then that it welcomed to its ranks two new members: Caisse populaire de Kapuskasing and Caisse populaire de Hearst. These are the first two recruits for L’Alliance since its inception five years earlier. One of the founding members, la Caisse populaire LaSalle de Sudbury leaves L’Alliance to re-join la Fédération. However, the membership is not diminished for long when L’Alliance welcomes a new member that is not a caisse populaire, la Coopérative régionale Nipissing-Sudbury Ltée.

Three years later; 1987 is the technological turning point for L’Alliance when it creates a centralized, computerized banking and accounting system and becomes the only federation of caisses in Canada to have such a system of its own.

The beginning of 1989 brings more good news; two more affiliated caisses for L’Alliance. First, in January, the members of La caisse populaire Saint-Charles de Timmins decided to leave the ranks of the Credit Union League of Ontario to join L’Alliance. Secondly, in February of the same year, la Caisse populaire de Mattice leaves La Fédération to become a member of L’Alliance.

In 1993, Caisse populaire Ste-Anne d’Hallébourg also leaves the ranks of La Fédération to join L’Alliance. It would become a branch of Caisse populaire de Hearst in 1996. Similarly, the Caisses populaires of Iroquois Falls and Val Gagné which were also members of La Fédération would become branches of La caisse populaire de Timmins in 1997.

L’Alliance is a federation of caisses populaires offering administrative services to its member caisses and their employees in the areas of finance, management, training, marketing and central banking system. The democratic formula that is used for the composition of its board of directors is unique : each caisse has two representatives that sit on the board of directors of L’Alliance.

The network of caisses that form L’Alliance share the vision of becoming the financial institution of choice for all residents of Northern Ontario. To assist its members in the achievement of this vision, L’Alliance is committed to becoming the service provider of choice and to have the best quality/cost ratio among the national federations. The guiding principles and corporate values that it seeks and promotes among its employees form a solid base on which L’Alliance can continue to assist its members in their growth.

For more information on L’Alliance and caisses populaires in Ontario, you can obtain a copy of “Un passeport vers la liberté” published in 1992 by Brigitte Bureau, which relates the history of caisses populaires in Ontario from 1912 to 1992. Copies are available (in French only) at any caisse populaire affiliated to L’Alliance until supplies are exhausted.


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