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Who we are

Our Regional Cooperative Committees

Caisse Alliance has a cooperative structure made up of six (6) Regional Cooperative Committees (RCC) whose role is to support the work of the Caisse Alliances’ Board of Directors.

The regions

The Caisse has six (6) regions as follows:

Region Territory
Nipissing East Territory of the communities of North Bay, Bonfield and Mattawa
Nipissing Central Territory of the communities of Sturgeon Falls and Field
Nipissing West Territory of the communities of Verner, Alban, Argyle, Markstay, Noëlville, St. Charles and Warren
North East Territory of the communities of Timmins, Iroquois Falls and Val Gagné
North Central Territory of the communities of Kapuskasing, Moonbeam, Opasatika, Smooth Rock Falls and Val Rita
North West Territory of the Hearst, Mattice and Longlac communities

The Composition of Regional Cooperative Committees

The RCC consists of two (2) regional representatives on the board of directors, six (6) elected regional delegates, and community representatives from its merging communities. By merging communities, we mean communities where one of the twelve Caisses were located before the merger on January 1, 2018. The committee must ensure a minimum of two (2) delegates or volunteer representatives from these communities.

The Role of a Regional Cooperative Committee Member

In order to act in the best interest of its members and its communities, the Caisse require RCC members to be involved and informed.

To achieve this goal, in addition to additional knowledge and often being involved in the development of the Caisse’s strategies and activities, it is essential that each member participate in the Caisse’s community activities. This means that RCC members play a double role of assuming governance responsibilities as well as at the community level.

The Delegates

The delegates are elected at the Members Group Meeting (within each region) to represent the members at general meetings. They have the responsibility for voting on behalf of the members in their region at the Caisse’s Annual General Meeting. Thus, each delegate is entitled to one (1) vote on each of the questions submitted during general meetings.

As a member of the RCC of his/her region, the term of a delegate is for a period of three (3) years, or until his successor is elected or appointed. A delegate may serve a number of five (5) consecutive terms for a maximum period of fifteen (15) years. A period of one (1) year must have elapsed before becoming eligible to be elected as a delegate.

Each region has a number of delegates set by the Board. At this time, the number of delegates is currently fixed at six (6) per region.

The Volunteers

Like a delegate, the volunteer is a member of the RCC of his/her region. The expectations for volunteers are the same as for delegates, except that they are not elected and do not have the right to vote at the Annual General Meeting. This position is interesting for people who want to bring the Caisse’s cooperative distinction to life in their community and who want to learn how governance works within our institution. In addition, this position can deepen your knowledge in order to become a delegate or an administrator. A volunteer can be under the age of 18.

Name Region


Joanne Hallé
René Chabot
Claude Plamondon
Emanuelle Dupuis
Anthony Miron
Josée Dallaire

North West


Pierre Gagnon
Jean Isabelle
Tina Bergeron
Mélanie Breton
Kevin Robichaud
Sébastien Villeneuve

North Central


Antoine Vézina
Anne Vinet-Roy
Philip Hoff-Hamann
Claude Montreuil
Jonathan Bussière

North East
Bob Prévost
Glen Polsky
Caroline Brazeau
Vincent Lacroix
Ginette Dionne
Pierrette Desrochers
Nipissing West
Denise Brisson
Pauline Paquette
Mario Rousseau
Shawn Page
Agnès Dubuc-Thibert
Patrice St-Martin
Nipissing Central


David Weiskopf
Darlene Hotte
Eric Foisy
Suzanne Landry
Louise Moyer
Lucie Viel

Nipissing East


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