Investment line of credit

Invest in the development of your business with pre-authorized credit.

Is this line of credit for you?

  • You want to invest in the development of your business by purchasing, for example, equipment, machinery, production inputs or renovating goods. 
  • You want to know in advance the amount of credit at your disposal for your future acquisitions.
  • You want to benefit from a certain delay before making repayments in capital without affecting your company’s operating credit.

Credit granted :Term loan or line of credit

Insurance :Life and disability insurance



  • You know in advance the amount of credit at your disposal for future acquisitions.
  • Does not affect your business’s operational credit.
  • Lets you use the amount repaid for other acquisitions, once principal payments have been made.
  • Lets you benefit from a grace period before making principal payments on acquisitions.
  • Shortens the loan application and security acceptance process while reducing associated fees.

It can be used for:

  • equipment or machinery purchases
  • resource inputs
  • repair or renovation of company property

We offer line of credit insurance to ensure your business runs smoothly and can overcome obstacles no matter what.

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Did you know?

Several government business programs stimulate entrepreneurship by helping businesses obtain debt financing.

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