Operation line of credit

Access the funds you need to operate your business effectively.

Is this line of credit for you?

  • You want to finance your accounts receivable and working capital or take advantage of discounts offered by your suppliers.
  • You want to protect yourself against the risk of insufficient funds.
  • You need short-term financing to meet any other needs specific to your business.

Interest rates : Competitive rates.

Pay back : Anytime whenever you have cash inflows.

Currency : Offered in Canadian dollars.

Insurance : Life and disability insurance.



  • Terms of use and payment terms tailored to your company.
  • Efficient cash management.
  • Allows you to meet day-to-day operating needs.
  • Gives you the option of issuing cheques up to your authorized credit limit to avoid an insufficient funds situation.
  • Interest is calculated only on credit amount used.
  • Automatic replenishment.


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