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Finance your business – Select the appropriate type of financing

Before putting together your project costs and project funding plan, learn about the different types of financing available and choose the one best suited to your projects.

You can finance your business through loans, equity and government programs.

Debt financing

  • Used to finance accounts receivables, inventories and equipment purchases or to buy or improve real property.
  • Several types available.

Equity financing

  • Comes in part from business principals. May also be obtained from private investors or investment companies.
  • Can be used by new businesses to fund working capital and start-up costs.
  • Can be used by companies in growth stages of development for acquisitions or new market development.

Government programs

  • Federal and provincial governments have programs in place to help businesses succeed and stimulate entrepreneurship.

Find out about financing terms

If you are going to rely on a financing source, be sure to find out the following:

  • The size of the projects it can be used to finance.
  • The amounts usually granted.
  • How quickly funds are disbursed.
  • The real cost of financing (interest, monthly or annual management fees, amounts charged for taking or preparing security, etc.)
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