Bridge financing

Meet your temporary cash needs.

Is this loan for you?

  • You are looking for a short-term loan to meet your temporary cash needs pending a cash inflow, the upcoming disbursement of an already authorized loan or other sources of funds (grant, tax credit, issuance of public shares).
  • You want to start a capital project without affecting the cash flow required for the day-to-day operation of the business. 

Main feature : Short-term loan (less than one-year term).

Interest rate : Variable

Repayment : At any time based on expected incoming funds

Insurance : Life and disability insurance



  • Keeps you from having to use cash flow for day-to-day operating expenses.
  • Allows you to launch or finish capital projects:
    • Construction of buildings and pre-sold or model housing units
    • Equipment or machinery purchase
    • Property renovations and improvements
    • Plant outfitting


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Did you know?

Several government business programs stimulate entrepreneurship by helping businesses obtain debt financing.

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