Protect your company, employees and family

Protect your company, employees and family

Ensure your business’s activities go on no matter what happens (death, accident, illness or retirement).

Whether you are self-employed, a partner or a business owner, this section will help you ensure the financial security of your business, employees and family so you can look toward the future with confidence.

Ensure the survival of the company in case of death

Discover how the benefits of life insurance and a shareholder agreement can help you, your business, your family and your loved ones face the financial repercussions of death.

Stay on track if health becomes an issue

Get the financial leeway you need to prevent upheaval in your business activities in the event of disability, critical illness, loss of independence or recurring health problems.

Take care of your employees

In the face of labour shortages, mass retirement of baby boomers, labour mobility, etc., take care of your most precious asset: your employees.

Prepare for retirement

Opt for greater financial security at retirement by setting up a retirement savings plan designed specifically to meet your needs.

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