Personal asset management

Personal asset management

How can you maintain peace of mind while making your savings grow, managing them wisely, guarding against the unexpected and transferring your assets to your heirs?

By opting for personalized solutions, our experts can give you an overall understanding of your financial situation and of that of your loved ones.

We can help you:

  • achieve your best return potential in line with your investor profile
  • achieve your goals
  • maximize your retirement income
  • minimize the tax consequences
  • make sure that your wishes are respected in the event of death or disability

What are your objectives?

  • Protect and grow your capital by diversifying your investments. – See Diversify your portfolio
  • Set up an action plan and financial strategies to plan your retirement. – See Plan your retirement
  • Get the most out of your retirement savings and your retirement and early retirement income. – See Manage your retirement income
  • Take the necessary measures to facilitate the transfer of your assets to your heirs. – See Estate planning
  • Examine the duties and responsibilities of an estate liquidator before appointing one. – See Settle an estate
  • Entrust the management of your portfolio to specialists while preserving your capital. – Make an appointment with your Caisse populaire advisor.
  • Get advice from a financial planning specialist on legal and fiscal matters. – Make an appointment with your Caisse populaire financial planner.

Did you know?

The Caisse populaire makes integrated financial planning available to couples who wish to manage their assets soundly.


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