Settle an Estate

Settle an Estate

When you are appointed estate trustee, your duties are important and numerous. More specifically, as the estate trustee, you must:

  • respect the deceased’s wishes to the letter, unless they contravene the law; or respect the legal formalities stipulated by law if the deceased has no will;
  • be accountable to the heirs with full transparency;
  • file the deceased’s income tax returns and pay any outstanding amount, failure to do so may result in personal liability.

Am I required to accept? Who can help me with this responsibility? No matter the size of the estate you have to settle, your Caisse populaire can help you every step of the way.

Estate settlement assistance

Estate settlement assistance is available to members who would like the C aisse populaire’s help from an advisor or a financial planner throughout the estate settlement process.


  • Makes the estate settlement process easier.
  • Lets you follow the steps involved in a settlement in accordance with the rules prescribed by the law.
  • Provides information about the liquidator’s role and responsibilities.
  • Saves time and reduces the estate’s expenses.

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