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Take care of your employees

Take care of your employees

Nowadays, employees no longer just look for a high salary. Younger workers seek, above all, working conditions that allow them to achieve work/life balance and competitive benefits.

As an employer, you must be ready to meet these expectations to be able to attract and retain competent employees. You must also be ready to take care of them by giving them access to a range of services.

Group insurance – health and wellness in the workplace

A healthy workplace contributes to your company’s performance. See how we can help you take initiatives that promote your employees’ health and wellness.

Access to individual coverage

Offer your employees the opportunity to meet with a financial security advisor. He or she will help them create an insurance solution with benefits comparable to those of a group insurance plan. They will be able to obtain life, disability and health insurance coverage tailored to their personal and family needs, since several people can be covered on the same policy.

Retain key employees

Protect your key employees by including life and health insurance in their compensation package. By showing them how important their expertise is to your company, you’ll encourage them to stay and pursue their career.

Retirement planning support

Offer your employees all the tools they need to be ready for retirement when the time comes.

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