Using your ATM Card

Super useful!

You know the story-you never have cash on you when you need it. Good thing there are debit cards! The Caisse populaire Access Card is a must for taking advantage of these services:

  • ATMs
  • AccèsD
  • Direct payment
  • Over-the-counter transactions at the caisse

Your card gives you access to:

  • the biggest network of ATMs in Ontario and Quebec;
  • the Interac network throughout Canada;
  • the NYCE network throughout the US;
  • the Plus network-up to 500,000 ATMs where you can make withdrawals across over a hundred countries.

How to use your card and save

At an ATM

  • Withdraw money at a Caisse populaire ATM. You’ll avoid the user fees (up to $6) charged at bank ATMs or private ATMs (often found at corner stores).
  • At 18, you’ll have to pay user fees when you exceed a certain number of transactions. To avoid that, take out a bigger amount at a time. If you have $40 in your pocket instead of $20, you’ll go to the ATM less often.
  • By selecting a plan that meets your needs when you’re 18, you’ll avoid paying too much in user fees. See Monthly plans.

At the store

  • Take advantage of an in-store purchase to ask the cashier if you can withdraw $20 or $40 more. You won’t have to look for the closest Caisse populaire ATM, and you’ll avoid the user fees charged at another financial institution’s ATM.
  • Remember that when you use direct payment, the amount is automatically transferred from your account to the store’s account. It’s easy to spend more when using your debit card because you don’t see the money disappearing from your wallet. Make sure you stay on top of your expenses and that you have enough money to pay for what’s really important (bus pass, etc.). Thanks to AccèsD online services, it’s easy to view all the transactions made in your account.

But remember! If you use non-Caisse populaire ATMs, you’ll pay a transaction fee as high as $3 or more!

Did you know?

If you’re under 18, you can make an unlimited number of transactions without user fees thanks to the Youth Profit Account.

Two birds with one stone!

With direct payment, you can also use your card in most stores and restaurants. Take advantage of this service to withdraw cash at the same time!

How to protect your PIN

To use your ATM card, you need a personal identification number (PIN) of 5 numbers. With this PIN, you have access to all your money. So, it’s important to keep it a secret!

Here are a few guidelines to follow:

  • Choose a PIN that you can easily memorize, but that would make it difficult for others to guess (avoid using your date of birth, address, telephone number, etc.)
  • Never write your PIN on your card or a piece of paper in your wallet.
  • Don’t give out your PIN to anyone, not even a friend, police officer or caisse populaire employee.
  • Make your transactions at the ATM only if you feel safe and that everything seems to be normal (ex.: if the card reader doesn’t look the same as usual, don’t put your card in and go to another ATM).
  • Make sure the person in line behind you (at the store or ATM) can’t see your PIN when you’re entering it.
  • If you lose your card or get it stolen, contact your Caisse populaire immediately. See Report a lost or stolen card for contact information.
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