Student Savers Account

Learning to save early pays off!

Is this account for you?

  • You have a child attending primary school.
  • You wish to introduce your child to savings, economics and cooperation.
  • You want to give your teen some autonomy by allowing him/her to carry out transactions in his or her own account, with your approval.

Account type: Savings account for elementary school students

Interest rate: Contact your Caisse

Service Fees: N/A

Application Form : Click here

Student Savers Contests


The Student Savers account is a learning tool for elementary school student which teaches them about savings and cooperation. Young Caisse members are the rightful owners of the monies accumulated in the account. They can withdraw from this account with parental consent.

Authorized transactions
  • Deposits (at the school, online or at a branch)
  • Withdrawals (at the Caisse populaire with parental consent)
  • Interest paid monthly
  • Updated made at deposit time

Speak with your child’s teacher.

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