Plan your Income and Expenses

Planning your income and expenses makes it easy to know if you’re getting in debt or if you can save for the future.


  • learn how to manage your money and know where it goes
  • avoid always being short of cash
  • have money on hand when you need some
  • avoid making financial faux pas when you grow up and when you’ll have more money and bigger bills to manage
  • put money aside every month for other projects


  • Keeping a budget is not much fun. But if you choose a simple method that suits you, you could learn to like it!

The inconveniences of not having a budget outweigh the drawbacks of drawing one up.

Did you know?

Ideally, you should set aside 5 to 10% of your monthly income. The secret of success? Budget your savings amount like you do expenses!

Budgeting tools


  • Draw up your budget using the tool we’ve developed for you.


  • Each time you spend money, keep the receipt or bill in a box.
  • If you didn’t get one, write the purchase amount on a piece of paper and put it in the box.
  • Put in your pay slip or write on a piece of paper the amount received as a gift or allowance (your income).
  • At the end of the week (or month), add your expenses. Did you spend more then you earned? Oops!
  • The next step: Sort your expenses by category (outings, restaurant, movies, clothing, etc.). It’ll be easier to determine which expenses to cut.


  • Enter your day’s expenses in a notebook when you get home.
  • By entering each amount spent in a category (restaurant, movies, clothing, etc.), you’ll know exactly where you spend the most and where you can cut to save more.
  • Remember to also enter your earnings (babysitting, gift from grandmother, allowance, etc.).
  • Deduct your expenses from your income to know if you’re managing your money effectively. If the total is negative (in the red), you have 2 solutions:
    • spend less
    • earn more money

Cell phone

  • There are even applications that help you keep track of your income and expenses, (e.g., on the iPhone).


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