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$10,000 in scholarships awarded to two young builders of happiness

$10,000 in scholarships awarded to two young builders of happiness

NORTH BAY – June 21, 2021: For a second consecutive year, Caisse Alliance announces the awarding of $10,000 in bursaries, including a $5,000 bursary to a high school student enrolled in a postsecondary program, and a second $5,000 bursary to a student who is already enrolled in a college or university program.

Student members of our financial cooperative had until March 31, 2021, to submit an application.

“The participation of the student community surpassed the previous year by 23% and gave rise, within the Bursaries Selection Committee, to in-depth assessments and interesting discussions, says Philippe Boissonneault, Chairman of Caisse Alliance Board of Directors. Composed of community members, the selection committee was mandated to select, in accordance with the established eligibility criteria, two candidates who distinguished themselves by participating or initiating a project aimed at supporting members of their community through this pandemic crisis.”

According to Pierre Dorval, Caisse Alliance President & CEO, the initiatives undertaken by the candidates are plentiful and solutions driven. “For Caisse Alliance, the health and well-being of ‘our young builders of happiness’ are of high importance. With the increased level of stress, anguish and anxiety being felt by our youth, and among others in the past year, the projects that were brought forward will no doubt have immediate positive and long-term impacts. “

A surprise announcement was made by videoconference to both successful recipients on June 15 and 17, in the presence of members of the Caisse Alliance management team as well as members of the selection committee.

Recipient – High School Student Enrolled in a Postsecondary Program

From Cache Bay, in the Nipissing region, Aysha Nuh, a recent graduate from École secondaire catholique Franco-Cité enrolled in the Chemical Engineering Program at Western University, is one of the committee’s choices. The significant and ongoing impact of her collaborative project, entitled Youth Facing Mental Health Challenges, is an initiative aimed at raising awareness and education, as well as a source of direct assistance to youth in this time of health crisis.

“People must self-isolate to stop the spread of COVID-19, which results in a decrease in socialization and human interactions, mentions the recipient. This project allows teenagers to have a voice, to feel heard and to know that they are not alone. “

This cooperative project caught the attention of the selection committee, particularly because of its fundamental goals and its influence given the current pandemic context.

“I’m always pleased to see youth getting involved with their peers to help them through difficult times, adds Mr. Boissonneault. We recognize that the pandemic has had very adverse and challenging effects on them.”


Recipient – Already Enrolled in a College or University Undergraduate Program

Recent bachelor’s degree in Psychology graduate from Université de Hearst and enrolled in the Teacher Education program at the University of Ottawa, Bradley Morin led a large-scale qualitative research project aimed at promoting the retention of teachers in the current context. From Kapuskasing, in the North region, he presented a reflection-based project to help take into account and better understand the needs and realities of Francophone teachers in the region, and that has the potential to contribute significantly to their well-being.

“Virtual school is not always ideal for teachers, nor for students. Being able to have everyone’s support – from the principal and other coworkers – to work together is important. As part of my project, I’ve seen a lot of cases where the teachers’ stress level increased significantly due to the pandemic, therefore the goal is to find ways to decrease the stress.”

Like Aysha Nuh, the awardee expressed his desire to continue to contribute to the development of his project.

“Many factors influence the reality in which education evolves these days, concludes Mr. Boissonneault. This unprecedented situation comes with its share of challenges for teachers who must cope with the learning curve of the technology to offer remote education, as well as ongoing reorganization, adaptation and teamwork to ensure that the student body is able to continue to learn during this period of uncertainty.”

The Bursaries Selection Committee would like to thank all the applicants and congratulate each and every one of them for their remarkable achievements and acts of solidarity.


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