Chequing Account

Carry out your regular financial and cash transactions.

Is this account for you?

  • You are looking for a convenient business account to carry out your regular financial transactions and cash transactions.
  • You want to access your funds at all times thanks to the Business Access Card.
  • You would like to have the opportunity to open more than one chequing account according to your needs (administration, salaries, capital assets, special projects, etc.).

Main feature: Commercial current operation account

Authorized transactions: ATM, inter-Caisses or teller counter deposits.

Interest rate: N/A, unless there is an existing agreement with your Caisse

Transaction fees: based on your monthly volume of transactions and average monthly balance in the account.

See transaction fees



Authorized transactions
  • Night deposits and ATM, inter-Caisses or teller counter deposits (cash, change, deposit items)
  • Withdrawals at the teller counter or ATM for accounts requiring only one signature, direct or preauthorized withdrawals*
  • Option of drawing cheques
  • Automatic transfers
  • This account does not bear interest

If your organization has a history of regular cash flow or wishes to consolidate funds in this account, an interest rate may be available pending the results of an analysis of transactions. The interest rate is set based on the Caisse populaire prime rate, less a certain percentage.

User fees Four options:

  1. Variable monthly fees.
  2. Fixed monthly fees.
  3. Combination of fixed and variable monthly fees.
  4. Customized fee agreement.

See service charges.

  • In Ontario, deposits are insured with the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario (DICO)
  • Ability to get cancelled cheque images on AccèsD Affaires or with your statement of account.
  • Optional traditional line of credit

* Inter-Caisses withdrawals are not permitted

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