Job search : Interview evaluation criteria

Generally, recruiters evaluate various things during an interview. Read on to find out what they are.

Interpersonal aptitude

  • ability to work on a team
  • maintenance of good relationship with colleagues or superiors
  • sense of humour

Analytical aptitude

  • analysis of problems
  • structured and organized thinking
  • logic

Intellectual aptitude

  • finding solutions
  • alertness
  • understanding of problems and solutions
  • learning

Communication aptitude

  • verbal and written communication
  • listening
  • presentation

Decision-making aptitude

  • problem-solving
  • capacity for synthesizing information

Organizational aptitude

  • work organization
  • understanding of the impact of the task on the overall work performed
  • planning


  • reliability and responsibility
  • sincerity and stability
  • determination
  • self-confidence

Work habits

  • output quality
  • motivation
  • energy
  • perseverance

Technical skills required for the position / Ability to adapt

  • integration


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