Job search : Getting ready

Whether you’re looking for a part-time or full-time position, job searching can be a challenge in itself. It requires a lot of time and energy. In order to talk about yourself more efficiently, start by drawing up your profile in relation to the job you want!

Make a personal and professional assessment

Make a personal assessment in terms of the skills and qualities required for the position. This allows you to choose keywords based on what you want the employer to notice and shows that you’re aware of your strengths and limits.

Determine your expectations and what you have to offer. This will help you target the business sectors, companies and types of jobs that suit you.
Start by drawing up a detailed list of your:

  • motivations
  • skills
  • aptitudes
  • competencies
  • work experience

Determine the type of work and the ideal work conditions

Do some thinking about:

  • what type of work will suit you
  • the job location (with relation to your means of transportation
  • the salary and employee benefits you’re looking for
  • etc.

Then you’ll be able to identify your ideal working conditions.

Getting your Social Insurance Number

To work, you must have a Social Insurance Number (SIN). Employers must ask all new employees to show them their social insurance card at the time of hiring. And as an employee, you are required to do so within three days following the start of your employment.

If you don’t already have a Social Insurance Number, you can obtain one for free. Simply get an application form at your local Canada Service Centre or download the PDF version online, print it, complete it and attach an original copy of your birth certificate.

Once the form is duly completed, you can:

  • submit it to a Canada Service Centre (you get your number on the spot and your card is mailed to you within five days)
  • mail it in (your card will arrive in three to four weeks)

Caution: Your Social Insurance Number is confidential and should only be used for income related purposes, such as to calculate the amount of income tax to deduct from your pay.

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