New point of sale Terminals – Frequently Asked Questions

New point of sale Terminals – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is in charge of training merchants during the transition period?

A. Desjardins Card Services trains both merchants and personnel and provides all material required for the new equipment.

Q. Will it be difficult for me to adapt to the new point of sale terminals?

A. No. The terminal prompts you, taking you through all the steps required. Also, when new point of sale terminals are installed, a technician provides training and a user manual describing all the functions of the terminal. When he or she leaves, you will be ready to make transactions easily on your new terminal.

Q. Are chip credit cards that include other payment methods, such as contactless payment, accepted by Desjardins point of sale terminals?

A. Yes. Desjardins terminals, whether or not they accept chip cards, are equipped to securely process transactions made using chip cards that include contactless payment.

Q. Do chip cards completely eliminate chargebacks?

A. Chip card technology reduces skimming fraud, which considerably reduces chargebacks.

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