DUO offer

Take advantage of this profitable investment opportunity

Caisse Alliance offers a 1.50%* rate on GICs.

A GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) is a savings product that guarantees your capital and your interest returns.

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DUO 6-year Term

50% investment in an Opportunity Guaranteed Investment – Changing Consumer Needs MLGI (Market-Linked Guaranteed Investment) and 50% in a GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate). Both investments have a 6-year term. The maximum compound annual yield for the DUO product is 2.30%. The minimum guaranteed yield is 0.75% *. The rate on the GIC portion is 1.50%. The Opportunity Guaranteed Investment – Changing Consumer Needs is composed of 20 consumer-related companies located in several countries around the world. This investment is ideal for diversifying your portfolio.

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*Certain conditions apply.