U.S. Dollar Term Savings

Keep your American currency and save.

Is this type of savings for you?

  • You want to make a U.S. dollar investment that guarantees both your principal and return
  • You believe exchange rate trends will make the U.S. dollar advantageous.
  • You do not want to convert your U.S. currency.

Main features :Capital and interest rate guaranteed.

Terms :1 to 5 years

Eligible plans :Non-registered only

Minimum deposit :5 000 $

  • Stable and secure: your capital and interest are guaranteed*
  • Peace of mind: no matter how the financial markets perform, you know what your return will be right from the start
  • Reliable: reduces risk related to exchange rate fluctuations
Interest rate
  • Fixed
  • Based on the term selected
  • Guaranteed for the full term
Eligible plans
  • Non-registered plans
Minimum deposit
  • $5,000
  • Competitive return on your savings
  • Your capital and interest are guaranteed

* Deposits in American currency are not insured under the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario.

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