Get the security of a steady income for your retirement.

Is this savings plan for you?

  • You are looking for the security of a steady income for a fixed period of time or until your death.
  • You want to use all or part of your capital without having to worry about managing your investments.

Main feature :Allows you to convert your savings, registered or not, into periodic income

Interest rate :Effective at the time the annuity is taken out

Indexing option :Allows the amount of income to be adjusted annually

Deadline :No later than December 31 of the year you turn 71

Two type of annuities available
  • Life annuity or annuity certain
    To find out more, see frequently asked questions about annuities (FAQ).
  • An annuity can be combined with a LIRA or LIF. The RRIF or LIF portion ensures investment income flexibility; the annuity portion ensures retirement income stability
Income taxation Taxes can be spread out over several years.
Interest rate Fixed for the duration of the annuity, regardless of future rate fluctuations.
  • Exact annuity amount is set at time of purchase and income is protected from potential interest rate reductions.
  • Income amounts can be adjusted annually by indexing your periodic payments.
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