Preauthorized Mortgage Loan

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Is this loan for you?

  • You want to buy a house and need financing.
  • You wish to ease negotiation with the seller by knowing exactly your borrowing power.
  • You want to guarantee your interest rate for 90 days and protect yourself against a hike in rates during negotiation.
  • You want to speed up loan approval and benefit from possible interest rate declines at the time of signature.

Open mortgage: A short-term that can be paid back at any time

Closed mortgage: A loan which allows the borrower to choose a 6 months to 5 year term, which offers the security of a fixed rate for a longer term

Fixed rate: A rate that remains stable until the end of the mortgage loan term

Variable rate: A rate that fluctuates based on the Caisse prime rate during the mortgage loan term

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What is the perfect loan for your project?

See our Mortgages loans for more information on the various options available.

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Did you know?

When you take out Loan Insurance, the insurer repays the loan amount in the event of death. In the event of disability, the insurer repays the insured portion of your payments. If the unexpected strikes, Loan Insurance ensures your financial obligations are covered.

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