Protect your family, home, and assets

Protect your family, home, and assets

In the event of disability or death, neither you nor your loved ones are exempt of your financial obligations. In the event of disability, will your income be enough to meet them? In the event of your death, wouldn’t you want your family to be free of your mortgage debt?

Did you remember to insure your home and assets against fire, theft and flood? You’ll also need to think about the possibility of someone becoming injured on your property. You’ll need to get coverage to protect yourself.

Life and disability coverage

To have coverage in case of disability or death, the Caisse offers Loan Insurance and Line of Credit Insurance.

Protect your loan

Loan Insurance offers 2 coverages:

  • Life insurance ensures repayment of the loan by the insurer in the event of the borrower’s death.
  • Disability insurance ensures that the insurer takes over the insured portion of loan payments payable to the caisse.

The Homeowner Plus Option on disability insurance makes it possible to meet the financial obligations incurred for the upkeep of your property, such as municipal and school taxes, utilities, etc.

Protect your line of credit

Line of Credit Insurance also offers 2 coverages:

  • Life insurance will help your loved ones pay your line of credit after your death depending on the amount insured;
  • Disability insurance will help you maintain your payments depending on the amount insured.
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