Relocating for School

You’ve chosen a program of study that’s not offered in the city where you live, which means you have to move. So where do you go from here? Will you be able to pay for everything?

Impacts on your budget

  • Increase in lodging costs (rent, electricity, telephone, heating, Internet, insurance, etc.).
  • Moving truck rental.
  • Purchase of furniture and appliances.
  • Purchase of dishes, household items, etc.
  • Increase in grocery costs.
  • Transportation fees to visit family and friends over the weekend and the Holidays.

Keep your expenses to a minimum

  • Buy your friends pizza and organize your move with them.
  • Compare the price of apartments and that of school dormitories; pick the most economical!
  • Settle for a smaller apartment. You’ll have less furniture to buy and it’ll cost you less to heat.
  • Rent a room in a house. Often these rooms are already furnished and less expensive.
  • Move in with 1, 2 or 3 roomates and share costs.

See How to be a frugal student for even more tips.

Did you know?

If your parents are members of a Caisse populaire , they can send you money by using the Money transfer function in Accès D–all in a matter of seconds!

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