How to be a Frugal Student

How to be a Frugal Student

It’s possible to save even on a limited budget. Here’s how:


  • If you’re renting, find a roomate and share the costs.
  • If possible, live with your parents (even though you’d like to move out). Take advantage of this time to put money aside: later on, you’ll have the means to rent an apartment you really like.


  • Come springtime, park your car, don’t buy your monthly bus and metro pass, and bike or walk to school, if possible.


  • Bring a lunch instead of eating at the cafeteria or restaurant.
  • Buy juice boxes, yogurts and granola bars in large quantities and bring some to school. You’ll be less tempted by the vending machines.
  • Stock up on essential items on sale at the grocery store or pharmacy (toilet paper, facial tissue, etc.).
  • Cook your own meals instead of eating out. Prepare more and bring leftovers for lunch the next day.


  • Never go out without setting a budget for the evening and respect it.
  • Footing the bill is a nice but expense gesture. Be generous without compromising your financial health.

School books

  • Check your school’s bulletin board for used books: they’re still good and much less expensive than new ones!
  • Keep your books in good condition and sell them to younger students at the end of the semester.


  • Find a part-time job near your home or school. Extra income is always good!
  • Remember that work income could affect the amount you’ll receive in loans and bursaries from the government. Ask Financial Assistance Aide .
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