Members Group Meetings – Exceptional Measures

Members Group Meetings – Exceptional Measures

The pandemic forces the cancellation of the Member’s Group Meetings of Caisse Alliance


Thursday, October 1, 2020


Dear members,

During this pandemic period, Caisse Alliance remains available to its members and communities. Pursuant to the recommendations of public health authorities, preventive measures have been taken. As the situation evolves, Caisse Alliance is adapting its operations accordingly.

During our first annual meeting (AGM), which was held in April 2019, the members agreed to major changes to our governance model that allows us to ensure a proximity with all our communities. One of the important elements of this model was the addition of six Members’ Group Meetings (MGM). A visit to each of the six regions was planned in the fall to meet with the members, present the Caisse’s major projects and to elect the delegates for each of the 6 regions. These delegates are then assigned the responsibility of voting on behalf of members at the Caisse’s AGM, which usually takes place in April. These first MGMs were scheduled to take place in the fall of 2020.

Considering the increase in reported new cases in the province and the restrictions on holding public meetings, all while ensuring collective efforts to control the spread, the Board of Directors announces that the MGM will be canceled this year. Following a call for nominations for the delegate positions to be filled, the Caisse is not required to hold elections in any of the six regions. You can view the list of delegates for each of your regions by following  this link. Certain positions remain vacant in some regions. If the governance of your Caisse interests you, I invite you to contact your Regional Manager.

The physical presence and information meetings with our members remain a priority for your Board. However, efforts are undertaken to keep our branches open and available, while ensuring the health and safety of our staff and members. I invite you to follow the Caisse Alliance’s projects through our Website. The members of our management team as well as the regional offices are always available to answer members’ questions. Your Caisse remains in excellent financial health and continues to support its business and individual members during these difficult times. I wish to personally thank you, dear members, for the trust you have placed in your cooperative and for your understanding in this unprecedented situation. We are committed to remain human, available and connected.



Philippe Boissonneault

Chair, Board of Directors

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