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Student Savers Contest in Participating Schools

The Student Savers Contest is a visual arts, writing and group ecological project contest organized for elementary, middle and high school students located in the territory served by the Caisse!

The Student Savers Contest (formerly known as the “Concours Caisse Pop!”) is a popular activity that falls well within the goals of the Ontario curriculum. Initiated by us, this contest aims to give elementary, middle and high school youth the chance to express themselves on a given subject. Visual arts, writing and a group ecological project are the selected methods for showcasing their talents and teamwork. 

Thanks to the support of several partners, our branches are able to share the values and benefits of cooperation, community involvement, excellence at work, and thus ensure an active presence among youth.

This contest is helping the Caisse to achieve the following goals:

• Support teachers by proposing activities aligned with the curriculum;

• Encourage students to stand out in visual arts and writing;

• Raise youth awareness of cooperation;

• Support the Student Savers Program;

• Increase the Caisse’s visibility and notoriety with school partners in Ontario. 

This year’s theme is: “To Take Care of my Planet, I…”  


 From January 9 to March 31, 2023, at 4 p.m.


Individual activities

In visual arts, all students from kindergarten to Grade 12 may take part. In writing, students from Grade 2 to Grade 12 are invited to take part.

Group activity

For the group ecological project, classes from kindergarten to Grade 12 may take part.


Works selection


In early April 2023, the person in charge of the contest locally will select a neutral panel for visual arts and writing, respectively. These panels will choose the local winners by school level.


The winning local works will be sent to the head office no later than April 4, 2023, at 4 p.m. A neutral panel made up of experts in each field will be selected by Caisse Alliance’s head office. These panels will select the final winners for the entire territory by school level, in early May. 
The results and prizes will be distributed to branches, which will distribute them to schools in early June.

Selection of group ecological projects 

Group ecological project forms must be sent to the head office no later than April 14, 2023, at 4 p.m. Caisse Alliance’s head office will select a neutral expert panel. These panels will select the final winners, meaning one winning class per territory, in early May. The results will be sent to the branches, which will present the prizes to
schools in early June. 

Work authenticity

To make sure the contest is fair, all visual artworks and written submissions must be created in class in order to confirm their authenticity.
Prizes for winners


For individual activities

The person in charge of the contest will select school-level appropriate prizes to be awarded by branches. In addition to the prizes awarded to winners by the branches, the head office will give $100 to each participating school.



14 prizes for visual arts
11 prizes for writing
Again this year, in order to acknowledge their important contribution and commitment, the teacher of each provincial first-place winner will receive a gift. High school students awarded first place will receive study grants as their prize, in both categories.

For the group activity

A $500 prize will be awarded per territory (12), as well as a pizza lunch to help implement the ecological project.


This contest is strictly reserved to participating schools in our territory. If you are a principal or teacher of a school in the territory served by the Caisse, who is not already participating in this contest and who wishes to participate, please contact your school board for authorization.     
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