Getting the house ready: Keep your home safe while you’re away

  1. Make sure your home looks lived-in: mow the lawn, cancel your newspaper and mail delivery.
  2. Ask a neighbor to turn your lights on and off, to open and close your curtains and, if possible, to park a car in your driveway.
  3. Leave your itinerary and credit card numbers with someone you trust and who can be reached in an emergency.
  4. Use a timer for your lights and, if you have an alarm system, tell a neighbor.
  5. In the event of an extended vacation, advise your insurance agent.
  6. Keep your valuables in a safe deposit box.

The day you leave:

  1. Make sure that your doors and windows are locked and that the alarm is activated.
  2. Turn off the main water valve: water damage may not be covered by your insurance if you are away too long.
  3. Unplug all unnecessary appliances and turn off the hot water heater.
  4. Make sure to take out the garbage.
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