AGM – Exceptional Measures

AGM – Exceptional Measures

Exceptional measures to be taken concerning Caisse Alliance’s Annual General Meeting


Tuesday, March 26, 2020


Dear Members:

During this period of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Caisse Alliance remains available to its members and communities. Pursuant to the recommendations of public health authorities, preventive measures have been taken. As the situation evolves, Caisse Alliance is adapting its operations accordingly.

In compliance with regulatory requirements for the convening of the Annual General Meeting (AGM), we are announcing today, March 26, 2020, an amendment to our meeting format. Caisse members adopted a new by-law in 2019 entrusting the 36 delegates to vote on behalf of the members at an AGM. There are six delegates per region, and six regions served by Caisse Alliance. The delegates, who are also Caisse members, have the authority to vote on all resolutions at an AGM, such as the acceptance of the audited financial statements, the External Auditor’s report, the various activity reports and the proposed amendments to the by-law, if applicable. Delegates are also responsible for electing new members to the Board of Directors.

Considering the ban on public gatherings and in order to contribute to the collective efforts to contain the spread of the virus, the Caisse announces that the AGM will be held as scheduled on Tuesday, April 28, 2020. However, the meeting will be held in virtual format, in the presence of the 12 members of the Board of Directors, the 12 members of the Caisse’s management team and the 36 delegates representing the members. The External Auditor and a member of the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA) will also be convened. This format will allow all invited participants to take part in the meeting from home.

Following the meeting, all relevant information (annual report, financial statements) will be shared with our members on our website (caissealliance.com) and in branch, once the situation has returned to normal. Our management team and Regional Managers will also be available to answer any questions our members may have.

In addition, the Caisse’s new governance model provides for regional meetings to be held in our communities in the coming months. A notice of meeting will be published in due course. This will provide us the opportunity to meet our members individually and answer their questions and concerns.

I wish to personally thank you, dear members, for the trust you have placed in your co-op and for your understanding in this unprecedented situation. We are committed to remain human, available and connected, even during these difficult times.



Philippe Boissonneault

Chair, Board of Directors

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