Group insurance – health and wellness in the workplace

Group insurance – health and wellness in the workplace

Taking care of employees means offering them a healthy workplace and instituting measures that promote their health and well-being.

By setting up a group insurance plan, you ensure your employees’ financial security by helping them prepare for life’s contingencies.

But to really take care of them, you should also offer them means of preventing health problems. And, when employees go through difficult times, intervention programs could also result in their returning to work more quickly and under the best possible conditions.

Our group insurance plans can include an employee health and wellness program, as well as prevention and intervention services.

Prevention: staying one step ahead of health problems

Your group health insurance plan can include services that help plan members stay healthy both physically and psychologically.

Here are a few services aimed at prevention that we recommend you include in your plan:

Employee assistance program

Confidential psychosocial intervention program for plan members and their immediate families.

Prevention tools for managers

To help your managers react quickly and appropriately when they recognize one of their employees is having difficulties.

Drug Utilization Review (DUR) Program

Service that automatically screens every prescription, regardless of the pharmacy where it is filled, for potential problems such as drug-to-drug interactions, duplicate therapies and medications, and too-early refills.

Health Assistance Service

Telephone assistance service to answer plan members’ questions on every health-related topic.

Health is Cool Information Centre

A Web site where plan members can get information and advice on a variety of workplace health and wellness issues.

Intervention: when it matters most

Some work absences are unavoidable. Others can be prevented or shortened with timely intervention.

Here are some of the services available to employers:

Disability Management Program

Some work absences require a customized intervention plan developed by disability case management experts to promote the employee’s return to work.

Convalescent Care Insurance

To provide homecare services to convalescing members following hospitalization.

Healthy employees, healthy company

Controlling business operating costs is an ongoing concern to you, a significant share of which is the ever-increasing cost of employee benefits. These increases are due to several factors, in particular the growing cost of prescription drugs, government withdrawal from programs, an aging population, and an ever-increasing number of disability cases.

One way to keep these costs under control is to offer a healthy workplace and impressing upon your employees the importance of taking control of their health.

Wellness in the workplace helps decrease the rate of absenteeism and employee turnover. It also appears to significantly improve employee productivity. Wellness is generally a factor in employee mobilization and job satisfaction.

Taking care of your employees may therefore have a direct impact on your company’s bottom line.

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