The TOGETHER project aims to stimulate the creative spirit of our community. By bringing together small individual donations and community ideas, we hope to collectively leave our mark on the Hearst community for its 100th anniversary. Cooperation is the best way to achieve great things, together!

The main objective of the TOGETHER project is to encourage at least 100 people to each donate $100 to raise $10,000. If more than 100 people contribute – great! – we will have a larger amount to dedicate to a community project. If the goal of a hundred (100) $100 donations is reached, the Caisse Alliance and/or the Caisse Alliance Fund will commit an additional $10,000.

Donors and the community will then be able to submit ideas for community projects that will have a long-term impact on Hearst. Those same donors will then determine which of these projects earns the $20,000 (or more)!


Click HERE to make a donation.

Click HERE to submit an idea.

Click HERE for the project’s guidelines.

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