Online Services (AccèsD)

Epost Electronic Bill Delivery Service

Free online bill delivery service offered by Canada Post that lets you receive, pay and archive your bills on AccèsD.


Over 150 eligible organizations Cable distributors, telephone companies, credit card issuers and municipalities.
See the list of eligible organizations.
A single logon Receive, view and pay bills from the same location and access them from wherever you are.
Notification of new bills You are notified when your bills arrive on AccèsD.
Archives You can archive bills and documents for up to 7 years.
Environmentally friendly You replace paper bills with electronic bills.
Confidential Canada Post does not have access to your financial information on AccèsD.
Security You can access your bills only on AccèsD or through a secure connection that lets you view your bills on the Canada Post site.
Access From the Statements and documents icon, select Register for epost under Register for online statements and acounts.

Find out more – See frequently asked questions about the epost service (FAQ).

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