The AccèsD service allows students to understand their Student Savers account with the help of a parent. Consult the checklist by clicking here.

Choosing a secure password

A few tips for creating a secure password:

  • Do not use a password that’s easy to guess or that someone could easily see when you’re entering it (eg., 123Abc).
  • Do not use your username for your password.
  • Choose a 8 to 128 combination of letters and numbers.
  • Alternate upper and lower case letters.

Checking your account online

Talk to your child about the information on-screen.

  • Help your child tell the difference between withdrawals and deposits.
  • Make sure that your child can explain their account balance.
  • Together with your child, read the tips given based on the recent transactions carried out in their account. Tips are displayed in the banner above the account information.
  • Take a look at your child’s online account statement. This statement is the same as the paper statements that some Caisse members still receive. You will need to register to receive online statements. Simply contact a Caisse representative with your child. The information included on online account statements is identical to the latest transaction statement for a given month, but it is an official document. Statements are stored on AccèsD for 7 years.

Important information about online accounts

Logging on for the first time

  • Enter your child’s username and check off Remember. The username is the 16-digit code beginning with 4540 that the Caisse gave your child. If your child does not have a username, contact the Caisse.
  • Setup your child’s profile. Choose a personal phrase, image and 3 security questions. The questions aren’t all adapted to your child’s reality so just find 3 with answers that your child can remember easily if the system asks them to confirm their identity when they log on.
  • Enter the temporary password the Caisse gave you.
  • Help your child to choose a secret password that they can memorize. It’s important not to share it with anyone or write it down.

The next time you log on

  • By having the system remember your child’s username, your child will not have to enter it every time they log on from the same computer or device. Keep the username in a safe place in case your child has to enter the information at another time.
  • Enter the password. For added security, the personal phrase and image your child chose will be displayed each time they log in. From time to time, they’ll have to answer 1 of the 3 security questions you chose.

Logging off

  • One you are done, click the Log off button to end the session securely.
  • Talk to your child about personal information. It is important for them to understand that their account information is confidential.

Faire un virement

If you are a Caisse member, you can transfer money from your account into your child’s (in AccèsD, click Transfer in the menu, then select Caisse money transfers). Click the question mark (?) under your child’s account number to find out the transit and folio numbers and the check digit required for the transfer. Explain to your child that a transfer is a withdrawal from your account and a deposit to theirs. Ask them to check their balance before and after the transaction to see the difference.

For more information or for support, contact your Caisse Alliance branch.

Click here to find a branch.


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