Enhanced Investment Account

Grow your money for an investment or major purchase.

Is this account for you?

  • You wish to grow your money for an investment or major purchase.
  • You want to accumulate savings through one-time payments or pre-authorized periodic payments.
  • You have a chequing account at the Caisse. Make a request now.

Account type:Savings account with high returns

Interest rate paid:Contact your Caisse (based on balance maintained)

Insured deposits:Up to $250,000 per person per caisse



Transactions Deposits, withdrawals and transfers permitted at all times. No minimum amount required.
Interest Interest paid monthly
Monthly fees


Account statement

Monthly statement of account included in the chequing account statement you receive by mail or online.
Insured deposits Up to $250,000 per person per caisse
Other May be eligible for potential member dividends. Find out more about member dividends


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