Choosing a financial planner

If you would like help with your investment approach, you can call upon the services of a financial planner. Be sure, however, that he can answer the following questions before you place your trust in him.

3 essential questions

Is he certified?

Financial planners hold college or university diplomas. To get professional certification, they must also pass a series of financial planning courses.

How does he get paid?

  • Financial planners are legally obligated to tell you how they get paid. They may receive commissions from the sale of financial products, professional fees, or both.
  • A good financial planner should provide you with an overview of your financial situation, and not press you to buy a particular product.

Can a relationship based on trust be established with him?

  • A good financial plan is based on a customized analysis. It should provide clear solutions with many examples and demonstrations as well as a detailed and realistic action plan.
  • Financial planners should listen to you and let you make the decisions without imposing their point of view. They should inform you without bombarding you with useless information and explain why they are making their particular recommendations. If you have doubts, ask for clarifications.

Did you know?

Your caisse populaire may offer their members the services of a financial planner for free.

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