Renew your mortgage

Renew your mortgage

Is your mortgage maturity date approaching? We offfer several options and will help you choose the one that is best for your situation.

Your mortgage is with another financial institution? Discover the advantages you would get from transferring your mortgage to the Caisse.

Your options

  • Renewing your loan
  • Re-evaluating your needs and updating your file
  • Adapting your mortgage with the Versatile Line of Credit
  • Insuring your loan

Renewing your loan

Before maturity

Your mortgage will be due in a few months and you want to make sure you’ll get the best rate possible? Renewing 120 days before maturity ensures you the best rate within the previous 4 months of your maturity date.

At maturity

If you simply want to renew your mortgage, your Desjardins advisor can suggest tools and personalized strategies to help you manage your loans.

Re-evaluating your needs and updating your file

Your situation and needs change over time. Perhaps your income has increased or you have new projects since you negotiated your mortgage. It’s very useful to determine or update your borrowing profile when you renew your mortgage. Knowing your profile will help you pick the mortgage that is best suited to your circumstances. Ask your Caisse advisor to help you determine your borrowing profile.

Adapting your mortgage with the Versatile Line of Credit

Renewing your mortgage is the perfect time to get this line of credit with security of mortgage which lets you:

  • finance your home and other projects (trip, renovations, children’s tuition, etc.);
  • manage your loans and vary your payment dates at a better rate.

Find out more – See the Versatile Line of Credit section.

Insuring your loan

In the event of disability, Desjardins Financial Security Loan Insurance covers the insured portion of your mortgage payments. In case of death, Loan Insurance covers the insured balance of your mortgage.

Find out more – See the Loan Insurance section.

Did you know?

There are many ways to pay your mortgage off faster and, by the same token, save in interest costs. For example, you could opt for weekly or bi-weekly payments instead of monthly payments. Some mortgages even allow you to make additional payments if your income changes and you are able to do so. Have a look at a list of tips that will help you pay off your mortgage faster.

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