Budget management tool – My budget

My budget is a budget management tool available on AccèsD and on the mobile application. It gives you an accurate picture of your everyday income and expenses. It also helps you set realistic budget goals in a simple, quick and secure manner. Moreover, if you have a project in mind, use My budget to create projects and save to carry them out.


The My budget tool helps you manage your budget in 3 steps:

1 – Get an accurate picture of your expenses and income

  • All your transactions are automatically categorized.
  • Adapt the categorization to your needs.

2 – Ensure better control of your expenses

  • Check your average monthly expenses by category.
  • Set realistic budget goals.
  • Determine if your budget is balanced.

3 – Carry out your projects

  • Take stock and implement the right strategy to carry out your projects.
  • Set savings goals to carry out your short-term projects.

How it works


The My budget tool allows you to get a comprehensive view of your regular transactions with just a few clicks.

The Overview tab gives you a snapshot of all the information in My Budget, including the progress of your projects and budget goals by category


Get a complete picture of all your regular transactions in your accounts.

The Transactions tab allows you to set up the automatic categorization feature.

Manually add transactions not made from your Caisse accounts. You will have a comprehensive view of all your expenses and income from all financial institutions you use.


The Budget tab allows you to set spending limits.

Check your average monthly expenses by category and set realistic budget goals.

You can also view graphs that track your expenses.


The Projects tab helps you carry out your short-term projects.

Set savings goals.

View graphs that track your goals.


The Analysis tab gives you an integrated overview of your expenses and income over time.

Track the changes in your balance and keep an eye on the mnths during which you didn’t stay within the budget you set.


Adapt My budget to your needs.

The Settings tab allows you to select the accounts you wish to see displayed in your budget.

You can modify the categories and manage the categorization rules you created at any time.

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