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Community Funds

Caisse Alliance Fund

The Caisse Alliance Fund’s mandate is to participate in the realization of structuring projects that have a positive long-term community impact for a maximum number of people. A financial contribution is granted by the Fund to a group, organization, or non-profit association for the purpose of carrying out a community development project.

A project that has a long-term impact on a community is a structuring project that allows a community to improve the quality of life of its citizens, to promote economic growth or to encourage cultural or linguistic development. A structuring project usually requires new infrastructure or equipment that has a life span of several years. In some cases, a structuring project may also improve or update existing infrastructure or equipment.

Since the Fund aims to have a significant impact in the realization of structuring projects, it will prioritize projects requesting a contribution of $10,000 or more. Projects requiring less than $10,000 should request a donation at their nearest branch.

Applicants can submit a request for funding as of today.

Truth and Reconciliation Fund

The purpose of the Caisse Alliance Truth and Reconciliation Fund is to honour missing Indigenous children and residential school survivors, their families and their communities. Public commemoration of the tragic and painful history of residential schools and their lasting legacy is an essential part of the reconciliation process.

Each year, the Fund receives $6,000 ($1,000 per region) from Caisse Alliance to invest in community-based projects that honour residential school survivors, their families and communities or promote the history and cultures of Indigenous peoples.

Applicant organizations may request funding as of today.

Green Fund

Since the inauguration of its Sustainable Development Committee in December 2021, the Caisse Alliance wishes to financially support ecological projects and innovations in our communities.

The Green Fund gives anyone in our regions the chance to apply for financial assistance to set up, or further invest in, an environmental project. The amount of $50,000 will be allocated to this fund every year. 

 Applicant organisations can apply to this fund as soon as it is available next january 2023.
The allocation of these funds is the responsibility of the members of the regional cooperative committees.  They decide which projects will be given priority, and if the proposed projects are aligned with the mission of the funds and the values of the Caisse.
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