What is a stop payment?

What is a stop payment?

Make a stop payment on one or more pre-authorized payments or one or more cheques.

It’s easy, fast and secure!


  • Efficiency : Saves you trips and calls to your caisse.
  • Accessible : Available 24 hours a day.
  • Environmentally-friendly : Eliminates paper waste.
  • Information you will need :
    • For a stop payment on a cheque:
      • Name of recipient
      • Amount of cheque
      • Date of cheque
    • For a stop payment on a pre-authorized payment :
      • Payee name
      • Amount of the pre-authorized payment
      • Date of pre-authorized payment
  • Fee : Differs based on the number of cheques or pre-authorized payments on which you want stop payment.
  • Access : Click More options in the right-hand menu, and then Stop payment.


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