Use antivirus software

Use antivirus software

Install antivirus software with an automatic update feature, and which filters and protects your computer activities. It will be more difficult for hackers to get information about you.

The spread of computer viruses on the Internet is a very real phenomenon. This is why it is critical that you install security software on your computer that includes automatic updates and antivirus, antispyware, and antispam software as well as a firewall, Note that these do not, however, protect your computer from new viruses. This is why you must beware if anything appears abnormal on your Internet browser.

For example, one sign that your computer may have been infected is if you are asked to provide unusual information such as your date of birth or social insurance number as you log on to AccèsD, and this despite the fact that:

  • the address in the address bar is correct (www.caissealliance.com or accesd.desjardins.com);
  • the padlock at the bottom the page is closed;
  • and the address in the address bar starts with https://.

How to protect your PC from computer viruses

Find out what to do if you believe your computer may be infected by a computer virus.
Be sure to protect your PC from computer viruses.

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