Update your computer

Update your computer

Update your operating system

Your operating system (Windows) is very important because it helps guard against new viruses and intrusion techniques.

Update your browser

It is vital that you make sure your Web browser does not have any security vulnerabilities by frequently updating your system.

Please note that your browser must be configured to accept session cookies and the JavaScripts option must be enabled.

Supported browsers :

To protect the confidentiality of such information, make sure that you clear your cache memory at the end of each session.

You must also have the latest version of Adobe Reader to download certain documents in AccèsD.

Downloading instructions for Adobe Reader

Please note down or print out the following instructions:

  1. Download Adobe Reader in English or in French.
    The Adobe Website should automatically detect your operating system and recommend the appropriate version.
  2. Click on Download (Télécharger).
    To obtain a version other than the recommended version, click on Choose a different version(Choisissez une version différente). Versions 7.0 and higher are required to open PDFs on this site.
  3. In the new window, click on Run this program from its current location (Exécuter ce programme à partir de son emplacement actuel).
    Click on OK.
  4. Follow the program’s installation instructions.



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