Security section in AccèsD

What is the Security section in AccèsD?

The Security section gives you a snapshot of your security level in AccèsD, as well as personalized recommendations to improve it.

You can manage your password, security questions, trusted devices, and 2-step verification, all in one place.

How to access the Security section

Mobile app

  1. Log in to AccèsD.
  2. Under Quick access, select Security.

AccèsD Internet

  1. Log in to AccèsD.
  2. Click Security in the right-hand menu.

Account protection tools

Personalized recommendations

See what security features need to be enhanced to better protect your account and your personal information.

Username management

Enable biometric login for even more secure account access.

Password management

Create or change your password using established security criteria to limit the risk of identity theft.

Identify trusted devices

Add the devices that you plan to use to connect to AccèsD and delete those you don’t recognize to discourage unwanted visitors.

2-step verification

Use the most effective measure available against fraud and identity theft by combining a security code with your password.

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