How to select a plan

How to select a plan

How it works

Log on to AccèsD and click Select a plan, under More options in the right-hand portion of the screen. Your account information will be displayed, including your current plan and number of transactions to date.

Click Change to get plan recommendations(1) based on your history. Click Select to select a plan, if appropriate.

The Select a plan function is also available on your mobile device.


The Select a plan feature allows you to:

  • See which plan you currently have
  • Select a plan or change your current plan on your own and at no charge(2)
  • Track the number of transactions you make each month to avoid going over the number of transactions included in your plan
  • Determine the most economical plan based on your transaction history (up to 3 months)(3(4).


Available only on AccèsD Internet.
2 New plans go into effect at the beginning of the month following the change request.
3 Plan recommendations are based on transaction of the last month(s). Your caisse cannot be held responsible if, on the basis of future activity, another plan should prove to be more economical.
4 No recommendation can be made without at least one complete month’s transaction history

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