Hop ‘n S@ve – Frequently asked questions

Hop ‘n S@ve – Frequently asked questions

Do I have to be registered for AccèD to use Hop ‘n S@ve?

Yes, you have to be registered for AccèsD.

Are there fees for using Hop ‘n S@ve?

There are no fees for using Hop ‘n S@ve. Transfers from your source account to your savings goal account are free. And, since a High Interest S@vings Account is opened automatically when you create a savings goal, you’ll be able to transfer money from it to your other Caisse populaire accounts anytime, no fees or strings attached. There is no minimum amount required.

What happens if my mobile device is lost or stolen?

Call 1 866-779-COOP (1 866-779-2667) to reset your AccèsD password. We also recommend that you call your mobile service provider to secure your account.

Learn more about security on mobile devices.

Is it safe to use L’Alliance mobile services, Hop ‘n S@ve and InstaBalance?

Yes. L’Alliance’s transaction sites optimized for mobile devices that require authentication are secure. They also offer the same security and protection as full sites, such as data encryption and security questions.

L’Alliance mobile services users are protected by:

  • a firewall and intrusion detection software
  • data encryption that protects the information sent on the Internet
  • internationally-recognized security standards and practices

Notes about InstaBalance and the Hop ‘n S@ve instant savings tool

Hop ‘n S@ve and InstaBalance are available as part of L’Alliance mobile services app. Once you set them up, you won’t have to log in again to use certain features and get information. When setting up these tools, L’Alliance mobile services users agree to protect their mobile devices and compatible smartwatches.

Learn more about security on mobile devices.

Can I create more than one savings goal with Hop ‘n S@ve?

Yes. The new version of Hop ‘n S@ve allows you to create up to 10 savings goals.

If you have any problem creating a Hop ‘n S@ve savings goal, call 1 866-779-COOP (1 866-779-2667).


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