Features – Frequently asked questions

Features – Frequently asked questions

Q. How do I add a bill to my AccèsD Affaires bill file?

A. To pay a bill using AccèsD Affaires, you must first enter the organization in your bill file.

See How to enter a bill to find out how to do it.

Q. Can I make money transfers on AccèsD Affaires?

A. This function is not yet available on AccèsD Affaires. You can, however, transfer funds to another individual if you are registered for data transmission (direct deposit-withdrawal) or international services.

Q. How do I cancel a payroll file on AccèsD Affaires?

A. To cancel a payroll file on AccèsD Affaires:

  • Log on to AccèsD Affaires.
  • Click on the Transmission tab.
  • Click on DDW Forms.
  • Fill out the File cancellation request form online.
  • Print it and fax it to the Internet and Business Payment Systems department at 514-253-7646.

Q. How to I register for AccèsD Affaires?

A. To register, make an appointment with an advisor at your C aisse populaire .

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