Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit

Direct deposits are eco-friendly. You not only eliminate cheques and envelopes but unnecessary travel, too. Signing up for direct deposit is good for you…and for the environment!

Automatic deposit of money into your account. Eliminates the risk of loss or theft. Funds are available on the appropriate date or on the next business day if the deposit date falls on a weekend.

2 options

Direct deposit of your salary

To have your salary deposited directly into your account, simply contact your employer or the organization that pays you and fill out a registration form or provide a void (specimen) cheque.

Direct deposit by the Canada Revenue Agency

You can get direct deposit of your:

  • income tax refund
  • GST/HST tax credit
  • Working Income Tax Benefit payments
  • Canada Child Benefit and any similar provincial and territorial payments
  • deemed overpayment of tax

There are 3 ways to sign up for direct deposit

  1. Sign up for direct deposit on AccèsD
    You have to be a Caisse member to use AccèsD.
    Not yet registered?
    Register for AccèsD
  2. Go to your caisse. A teller will fill out the registration form with you.
  3. Check the registration options under How to sign up on the CRA direct deposit.


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