Bill payments

Bill payments

Registering your bills in AccèsD helps reduce your service charges

Did you know that registering your bills in your bill file will save you up to 73% on the service charges that apply to ATM bill payments that are not registered in your file?

In fact, the fee for paying a bill registered in your file at an ATM is (example, $0.65, compared to $2.25) for an unregistered bill*.  It’s easy!  Just select the bill you want to pay (e.g., Ontario Hydro, Bell, MasterCard, etc.) and it’s done!  And, because you don’t need an envelope, it’s also the greener way.

Once your bills are registered in your file, you can also pay them on AccèsD (Internet or by phone). You can preauthorize payments online so they are made on the dates you choose.

How to pay my bills

Pay your regular bills such as your telephone, electricity, gas, cable, municipal and school tax, and credit card.


Scheduled transactions

Set up your transactions in advance and make changes as you see fit. Find out more about scheduled transactions.

Payment history

Access to your payment history of the last 2 months (12 months if you are registered for the online statement of account). Find out more about your bill payment history

Eligible organizations

  • Option of registering up to 99 billing organizations in your bill file.
  • Over 4,000 eligible organizations.
  • New organizations which are added regularly.

Simple and fast

Makes it easier to pay your bills on AccèsD Internet, AccèsD telephone and at the ATM.


Substantial savings on service charges at the ATM when you pay bills registered in your bill file.


Click Bill payments in the right-hand menu.

How it works

Simply register the organization to be paid in your bill file, either by contactacting an AccèsD Services advisor or adding it yourself when you are logged on to AccèsD Internet. In both cases, have your bill on hand because you will need some information from it. You’ll then be able to pay your bills using AccèsD online, by phone, on your mobile device or at the ATM without using the detachable part of your bill.

Did you Know?

The AccèsD Assistant was designed to help you use certain features, including bill payments. Try it!

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